Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December Update

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been crazy with school these last few weeks. We only have 3 days left, then we get to go home to Alaska on Saturday!! I'm so excited, not really about the plane ride up, but about seeing family and friends again, it feels like forever since I've been home. Hopefully I'll get to post things more often while we're there, pictures of Ehtan meeting his aunts and uncles, and being with his grandparents!
Not that we haven’t loved Ethan all along, but I think babies just get more fun and cuter as they get older. Ethan is almost 8 months now and he just does things sometimes that crack me up. If you look at him and shake your head no, he’ll shake his head no back. He loves to laugh and be sitting up with us when we’re at the table, and wants to eat everything we’re eating. When he sees a spoon or fork he opens his mouth like he wants some too. It’s really fun to see!

He’s been eating baby food lately, and there are some flavors he loves, some he likes, and definitely some he doesn’t like at all, green beans and peas being prime examples of what he doesn't like. But I still got him to smile for the picture :)

He gums crackers and nilla wafers to death since he can’t chew yet.

It’s been getting cold out so I put his hat on pretty much wherever we go. Also he loves to suck on anything, especially his blankets, and he thinks he’s hilarious when he does it.

Ethan’s new favorite toy is my hair, and I didn’t think about that before I put him up on my shoulders!