Friday, November 28, 2008

Sister Reunion!

My sisters and I were able to spend a much needed girls weekend together at Jenn's house in Utah. Jayme and I drove down from Rexburg Friday and stayed till Tuesday. It was fun letting the cousins play together, we got to see Twilight, and we even went to a Jazz game on Monday. We went to our grandparents house a few times and just got to relax, it was way nice. Thanks for the fun weekend girls!!! We need to do that more often while we're all still close together. I love you guys!!

First time Ethan had seen Jenn for a while :)
Avarie and Wyatt reading at my grandparents house

Ethan and Avarie both wanted drinks and then sat down on the kitchen floor to enjoy them together.Deep in conversation...Avarie was so motherly to Ethan it was funny! If he put his sippy cup down sideways she would set it upright, and one time he was eating a corndog and dipped the stick end into the ketchup and she said "No Ethan! That's not how you do it!" and showed him the right way to dip it. He loved the attention.
Monday night Jazz vs. Bulls -- the Jazz lost 100-101 but it was so close the whole time and such a good game. The Bulls made a basket at the final buzzer, and everyone had been screaming and so excited and then just sat there like "Did that really just happen?"

Jayme's first Pro Basketball game!

HUGE ice cream cone
The only picture we got together the whole weekend! Sad :)
Ethan was entertained with my phone on the drive home...I took this over my should as I was driving, I'm surprised it turned out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I couldn't help it....

Normally I am one of those people with self control. I don't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, I shun the sight of red and green decorations and candy canes in the store, and I don't even start thinking about Christmas shopping until Black Friday has come and gone. But this year I've been ambushed, hit from all sides, and forced to give in early. It all started just listening to a Christmas song or two on other peoples blogs.....and ended up like this!

How did this happen?!?!

OK so it was pretty fun. Ethan had fun helping us decorate. A week and a half early isn't THAT BAD. Right?

He was a big fan of the beads for the tree

and the lights :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Kid :)

Ethan has had a long day... He woke up earlier than normal, played outside with Daddy for a while, and Eric gave him a haircut (during which he screamed the entire time-- he was hoarse afterward!). He never really falls asleep anywhere but his crib or carseat, and he loves Mac & Cheese, so needless to say he must have been a very sleepy guy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

75 Percent Sure

Well, looks like Ethan's going to have a little brother!
At least the doctor was pretty positive, about 75%. But they'll check again next time just to be sure, it was kind of early to tell. I was 15 weeks 5 days when the Perinatologist did the ultrasound on Wednesday, and here's what the little avocado sized man looks like!

It was fun to see him look like a real baby this time rather than just a little dot or pea. Everything looked good on the ultrasound, they measured EVERYTHING from the length of the femur to the size of the kidneys, and they'll do that again at 20 weeks to make sure everything's growing right. The ultrasound itself lasted about 45 minutes, but it was really fun to watch! They had a camera on the ceiling so I didn't have to strain my neck to see what was going on on-screen. The little guy was moving around everywhere! He would stretch his legs out a lot and kind of push, can't wait till he gets bigger and I can feel what he's doing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Confusion

So apparently I didn't do as good of a job on Ethan's costume as I thought I had. Well, it might have been mine and Eric's lack of Halloween spirit that caused the confusion. Let me explain.
Last Saturday was our ward's Halloween carnival and Eric, being the second counselor in the bishopric, felt he needed to participate in the costume contest (with a little prodding from me :). So we dressed up as Mario and Luigi and made Ethan a "goomba," a little mushroom looking creature from the Super Mario Bros game. Our costumes were easy and turned out great, and everyone was able to tell what we were. But then on Halloween, after dressing up once we didn't feel like going to the same effort again to trick or treat, and only had Ethan in his costume. So he got confused for a mad brown M&M. I stopped correcting people after the 5th or 6th question about it.

But nonetheless here's Ethan as a "goomba":

Here's what a goomba looks like on the game:
Mine and Eric's hats:

Oh well there's always next year!