Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and Good News

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a great holiday. We spent the holiday with Eric's family and it was a lot of fun- we enjoyed spending time together, relaxing, and eating a lot of good food! Here are some pictures we took--

Christmas Eve we ate a great meal and then played some games. Ethan went fishing...

and uncle Matt helped him catch prizes!

Chase wanted to open his Christmas eve present-- PJ's!

I LOVE this picture of Chase but it wouldn't let me flip it...
This was the first present he opened on Christmas morning and he was SO excited for it! He cried when Eric took it to get it out of the package and stared at him until he gave it back. He loved playing with it-- thanks Grandma and Grandpa Stastny!

Chase also like the way soft bear from Grandma and Opa Rindlisbacher, it was bigger than him!

Ethan wanted to play with Chase's toys- most of them were louder and had more lights than his :)

Christmas Pajamas! Gotta love Ethan's cheesy grin...

As for the good news: Eric applied and was accepted to the Podiatry program at Des Moines University in Iowa! He was even offered a partial tuition scholarship! He accepted the invitation a few days ago, so it's official we will be heading to Iowa next fall. School starts the first week in August, so we'll probably leave Alaska mid-July and pick up our stuff in Utah on the way there. It's a 4 year program and then about 2-3 years of residency, so wish us luck!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Behind the Beard

At my parents Ward Christmas party, my dad got chosen to play the part of Santa. Have you ever seen my dad??? He is about the skinniest man alive and they chose him. Maybe cause he's so jolly, I don't know. So Ethan and I crashed their party for a bit so he could have a chance to sit on Santas lap. My mom was curious to see whether or not Ethan would recognize his voice.

He was really excited as we were waiting in line and kept asking to see Santa, but when it was his turn he turned timid and didn't want to sit on his lap. But the candy was too tempting to ignore. As he turned around to sit on his lap, my dad started talking and Ethan turned around, recognizing his voice. But then he saw the beard and got shy again.

The whole time he was on his lap he was leaning as far away as possible from him. But at least he sat there and didn't freak out like last year!

Merry Christmas, Santa!