Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here are some pics of the pumpkins we carved last night.

Eric's Jessica's

Monday, October 27, 2008


This week was Ethan's first week by himself in nursery! He just turned 18 months on Monday, so yesterday was the first time I could leave him alone but we've been going in with him for the last few weeks during Sunday School to get him used to being in there. I was pretty nervous to leave him alone although he does well with babysitters and he likes playing with other kids. The first time we went in for a trial run one of the little girls pulled his glasses off, twice :) Ethan just sat there and let her do it, too. That didn't happen yesterday but I'm sure it will again.
When I dropped him off yesterday, he immediately started playing with toys and another little boy, not even noticing I was still there. I said, "Bye-bye Ethan!" and waved and started walking away, and he just turned and said "Buh-Bye!" and went back to his toys! No tears no fuss no nothing! I think I was more anxious about leaving him than he was about being left. I went and checked on him between Sunday School and Relief Society, making sure he didn't see me, but he was fine the whole time. When I went to get him after he was really excited and gave me a big hug which was cute. But I hope this pattern continues! The picture is his first coloring/handout he did in nursery, and of course it went right on the fridge. My baby is so old!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm usually not very creative/crafty but those ghosts must have inspired me. I had so much fun doing them I decided to make birthday presents for my nieces, and while I was at it I made one for my cousin who just turned 8 and got baptized! I just bought wood boxes (they were supposed to be recipe boxes but they worked) and then went crazy with paint, paper, embellishments, and more than a little Mod Podge! Super fun and easy and the girls really liked them. Except Emma hasn't gotten hers yet, so Kate don't let her look at this blog till it comes in the mail! Should be any day now.

And here's what I made: Jewelry boxes!

So I'm not the best photographer, it was late when I finished and I was tired and not worried about lighting :) But you get the idea!
My next project: Halloween costume for Ethan. Eric came up with a good idea, so stay tuned for pictures of that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Away

Rexburg is getting so cold! So last weekend we decided to get away to somewhere warm, sunny, and...ok it was just Utah but it's still warmer than Idaho! Eric's mom is in town for a few weeks so we went down to visit. She hadn't seen Ethan since Christmas, and it was way fun for Ethan to see his Grandma again.

Friday night we went to Thanksgiving Point to a mini kid carnival called the Barnyard Boo. Ethan loved looking at the animals and practically cried when we left the horses. He got to go on a pony ride with Eric walking beside him, and he thought that was the best! So much for holding on with two hands, he only wanted one on the horse and the other in the air! It was cute.

The kids got to decorate cookies, but I think Ethan ate more frosting off the Popsicle stick than ended up on his cookie.
Natalie decorating her cookie- the right way :)

All the Rindlisbacher grandkids with Grandma- Ethan, Natalie, and Brooke
All of us on a hayride, excuse the weird look on my face :)

It was also Natalie's 4th birthday while we were there, and Saturday morning we all went to Chuck E Cheese. For those of you who've only been to the one in Alaska, the ones in Utah are way nicer and cleaner :) It was a lot of fun and even though Ethan could play the games very well, they had a bunch of little kiddie rides for him to go on. When they were going he would smile and say "Weee!" and turn the steering wheel like he was driving. I was impressed with how much he got into it!
One happy boy!
So excited!
(Ok so I think he just wanted the camera but he looks excited!)
Taking Brooke for a ride
Grandma and the birthday girl! Happy Birthday, Natalie!
Dad and Ethan waiting for the pizza to come. While we were waiting this little boy came up to Eric and said, "That little boy is cute, I want him to have this toy." and gave him a little transformer toy in his hand! How sweet!
The older boys had some fun as well :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The REAL Haircut

Ok, ok...Last time I posted about Ethan's haircut, Eric had just cut off some of the back so it didn't look that different. But this time he looks like such a little man! Eric cut the front and top as well as the back (he said he was a bugger the whole time he was cutting, I'm glad I wasn't home for it :) and now we can even spike it! Before I was having a hard time doing his hair without it looking like a dorky comb over, so now I'm glad he's a little more stylish. These aren't the greatest pictures, we're headed to Utah for the weekend so hopefully I'll get some better ones of Ethan with his cousins and post those. But here's what we have for now...

Front view, always trying to get the camera

Top- His hair looks thin but I think its due in part to the flash

Ethan looks really tired in this picture...I took it as I am writing this post and he is eating his breakfast. But this is what it looks like without gel. It's way shorter! But didn't Eric do a good job?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haunted House

Our house is haunted! Ok so it's haunted on purpose :) The other day my friend Kristen came over and we made these really cool ghosts! It's just cheesecloth dipped in sugar water, and then you let it harden. It was really easy, but I love decorating for holidays and I was impressed with how easy these were and how well they turned out!My favorite ghost

Haunting the entertainment center

If you want to make a ghost, get a 2 liter bottle and tape a tennis ball to the lid. Then bend a hangar to make it look like arms and tape it to the body. Take a large rectangle of cheesecloth and fold it in half so it will be double layered. Make sure the doubled cloth makes a square. To make it stiff, mix 2 cups sugar with 1 cup warm/hot water. Dip the cheesecloth in the sugar solution, then squeeze out the extra water. Drape it over the liter bottle figure, making sure there is enough of a base to support the ghosts. Let them dry 24 hours, remove and they stand on their own!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who needs a spoon?

Seriously, even when it's right there in front of you, who needs to use a spoon when you have perfectly useful fingers?

Thoroughly enjoying himself :)

Bath time!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


6 Things you may not have known...
Kristen tagged me and so I feel pressured into this…. just kidding Kristen :)

So here’s how it works....
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The 6 Random things about me:

1. My front two teeth are fake- my little brother knocked them out with a nerf gun when I was twelve.
2. I hate the smell of fake watermelon (eww watermelon Smuckers that my mom always buys) and fake banana (like the banana Runts).
3. I worked as a locksmith when I went to BYU.
4. I LOVE to read and always have a list of 5 books to get to.
5. I hate it when my knuckles pop and don’t like it when other people crack theirs either. Not just knuckles, any joints for that matter.
6. When I was little my dream was to be an Ice Cream Woman so I could throw free handfuls of candy to kids as I drove away :)

I'm tagging...Amy, Emily, Mandy, Jenn (Stastny), and Katie