Wednesday, October 1, 2008


6 Things you may not have known...
Kristen tagged me and so I feel pressured into this…. just kidding Kristen :)

So here’s how it works....
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The 6 Random things about me:

1. My front two teeth are fake- my little brother knocked them out with a nerf gun when I was twelve.
2. I hate the smell of fake watermelon (eww watermelon Smuckers that my mom always buys) and fake banana (like the banana Runts).
3. I worked as a locksmith when I went to BYU.
4. I LOVE to read and always have a list of 5 books to get to.
5. I hate it when my knuckles pop and don’t like it when other people crack theirs either. Not just knuckles, any joints for that matter.
6. When I was little my dream was to be an Ice Cream Woman so I could throw free handfuls of candy to kids as I drove away :)

I'm tagging...Amy, Emily, Mandy, Jenn (Stastny), and Katie


jkmoss3 said...

Hey you forgot to mention that when people touch their face, and you see it, that you have to touch their face in the same spot on your face. Just thought that I would bring that back to your memory.

Jenn said...

Done. I'm boring, but now you know that too. Have a great day Jessica!

Amanda said...

I completed the tag. Enjoy.