Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall'in Out

(I just put this on here because I thought it was funny :)
Welcome FALL to Rexburg! It's been such a hot summer, this new change in temperature is very welcome. I'm so excited for the holiday season, and will someone try to convince Eric it's ok for me to buy Ethan a Halloween costume?! With the falling temperatures, I've been falling out of my regular blogging habit, but I'll try to do better. I wonder how many posts I've promised that on? But today I mean it :)

Rexburgs one hip, happening place...or not really. But we've been keeping ourselves busy. We took Ethan camping for the first time a few weeks ago and it was pretty fun. We went with our friends Jared, Kristen and their little boy Kroten down to a campground near Lava Hot Springs and made dutch oven stew and camped out. I was worried about Ethan being bored sitting on our laps because he can't quite walk yet, but the ground was pretty flat and he was able to crawl around a little, he just got dirty. At night it got pretty cold, but we bundled him up and he actually woke up once crying because he was too hot :)

In other Ethan news, he's still working on walking but he's improving every day. He's walked across the living room a few times, then other times he takes 2 steps and falls. Our goal is that by the time he's 18 months, in less than a month, he'll be pretty solid with it. We also just changed his schedule a little, and now he's down to one nap a day. He seems so old to me now, not a baby anymore!
Trying to sweep like Mom

That's fine with me though, with another baby on the way. I'm 10 weeks along now, and already this pregnancy has seemed so much worse than the first one. I'm a lot sicker than I remember being with Ethan, but maybe I just put it out of my head. Hopefully the nausea will go away or at least calm down once i get out of the first trimester in 3 weeks. The crazy part about this pregnancy is that the baby is due April 24th, the same day Ethan was due. He was born on the 20th, but these kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart. That also means that the time frame of everything that goes on in pregnancy is the same- we'll find out the gender at the beginning of December, and I'll be able to wear all of my maternity clothes because I'll be at the same stages at the same time of year. We're really excited about the new addition to our family!

Eric's been pretty busy since school started a few weeks ago. He's taking 13 credits this semester plus trying to get ready to apply for Med School by studying for the MCAT and shadowing some doctors here in town. Another major change recently has been his new calling. Last Sunday he was set apart as the second counselor to the bishop in our married student ward. Before that he had served as Ward Clerk, so he has worked with our bishop a lot already, but he's feeling the pressure of this new responsibility. I know he'll do great with it and he'll gain more confidence, and we're grateful for this opportunity.

Yesterday was Eric's birthday and we celebrated by going out to eat. I put a damper on the evening by feeling sick and I didn't think I could make it down to Idaho Falls, but we went to a local Italian place called Amici's and it was surprisingly really good! Then Eric had to come home and study for a test :) Thanks Jayme for babysitting! I love having family around!!


christian said...

Jessica, if Ethan is walking by 18 months he will be ahead of our little Riley! Hope that makes you feel better :) When are yall coming down this way? You have a cute fam and congrats on your preg-o-ness. Tell your hubby I can't wait to break down the elections with him!

Lidia and Steve said...

haha, that first picture is so funny!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Wow, I still can't believe # 2 is on the way. Congrats again!

jkmoss3 said...

Hey I tagged you. Go look.