Friday, April 24, 2009

Week One

Well we survived the first week with 2 kids! Chase is doing amazing and sleeps all the time, I didn't remember how much of their time is spent sleeping! He is such a good little guy and even when he gets hungry he doesn't cry much, just roots around looking for something to suck on. Last night we went to bed at 11, he woke up to eat at 4 and then slept again till 8! I think I'm the luckiest new mom ever!

It's been an adjustment for Ethan having to share his attention with another baby, but I think he'll get used to it. He always asks to see and hold Chase, and gives him kisses on the head a lot. My mom is still here so that helps, he has 3 people to get attention from, so we'll see what happens when Eric goes to work and my mom goes home. :)

For me the c-section was less scary than I'd imagined, but the recovery has been everything I dreaded. I've been really sore and can't get around easily, but the first week is always the hardest so it's downhill from here. Yesterday was the first day I felt like a real person again, so I know it'll get easier. Now I just have to fully recover so I can drive again and start losing some of the baby weight!

Here are some pictures from this first week, some of them are from the hospital that I just got from my sister and some are from since we've been home. We already enjoy this little guy so much
Thanks everyone for your prayers and congratulations!!!

Ethan and his crazy aunt Jayme :)

Fascinated by the baby

My 3 boys!!

Jayme the photographer took this :)

Aunt Jayme and Chase

For some reason Ethan loves to rub the baby's head

Holding in his own pacifier

Trying to be like his big brother

Burrito! On the cute blanket my mom made for him

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chase Allen Rindlisbacher

We are home and everything is fine! Jessica was released from the hospital this afternoon and we are all home again! Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures of this little guy up for people to see. Chase Allen Rindlisbacher was born by c-section at 12:44pm on Friday the 17th of April. He weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 12 oz and measured 21 inches long. He has a little dark brown hair and dark blue eyes which will probably turn dark brown later. I am going to post a bunch of pictures with this post cause that is really what people want to see! Also, don't make too much fun of him, we know he kind of looks like E.T. but we think he is cute and already love him a lot! After surgery they brought Chase into see Jessica for the first time and after a minute she turned to me and said,"He kinda looks like a lizard doesn't he?!" ha ha. Here are the pictures.

Thanks everyone for your concern and prayers for our little family! We have a bunch more pictures that I'm sure we will be posting in the next few days!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ethan!

Ok so we cheated and celebrated Ethan's birthday about 2 weeks early, but that's what we get for having 2 kids in the same month :) Actually I have the same due date with this one as I had for Ethan, kinda crazy. His official birthday is April 20th, so its pretty close but I didn't want to wait till after this baby is born, I have more energy now then I will then :)
Anyway, Ethan's 2nd birthday! We had a little party with cake and presents when Eric's parents were here for graduation, and he had a lot of fun. Eric's mom made a cute car cake (it was supposed to be a Curious George cake but she left the topper for it in Utah- I still feel bad about that!) and we had him open presents. He wasn't very interested in eating his cake-- so he must not be my son-- but he loved the gifts that he got. Eric and I got him a kids fishing pole (Eric's idea) and he got balls, coloring books, and a new bike from Grandma and Opa. I can't believe he's 2 years old already!!!

Trying with all his might to pick up both balls at the same time.
Sitting on the new bike

Going, going, and...he's down. It'll take him a while to get used to the peddles but I'm sure he'll love it once he does. Thanks again Grandma and Opa!

Baby Update: It's official, we scheduled the c-section for this Friday at noon. It was a hard choice because I really wanted to do a VBAC but I think it'll be for the best. I'm pretty nervous about it, so keep us in your prayers and we'll hope everything goes well!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Congrats Eric for graduating today!!! We are so proud of you and impressed with all you do!

He is officially a Biologist now, looking for a job and still waiting to hear back from Med schools.

I'll have to post pictures later, Eric's mom took some (I forgot my camera) so I'll have to get them from her.

Love you sweetie and CONGRATULATIONS again!!

PS- Little bit of a baby update, I've decided to schedule a repeat c-section for next Friday which is a week before my due date. But I've been having contractions lately so hopefully they turn into something and I can have it VBAC before then!! Keep us in your prayers! Nothing is guaranteed but we'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Toddler Lab Pictures!

As mentioned before, parents weren't allowed to take pictures at Toddler lab during the semester. But as promised the teachers delivered a whole CD of them taken throughout the lab. I'm so glad Ethan had the opportunity to be involved, it has helped him so much not only in his motor skills but his language and social skills as well. Needless to say we are thrilled he'll be in it again this summer!

I tried to narrow down just a few to post but he did so many different things I wanted to put them all on here! I settled for about half :) Also they told me not to post pictures of other kids- privacy issues- so thats why Ethan's alone in most of them.

He had so much fun!