Friday, April 24, 2009

Week One

Well we survived the first week with 2 kids! Chase is doing amazing and sleeps all the time, I didn't remember how much of their time is spent sleeping! He is such a good little guy and even when he gets hungry he doesn't cry much, just roots around looking for something to suck on. Last night we went to bed at 11, he woke up to eat at 4 and then slept again till 8! I think I'm the luckiest new mom ever!

It's been an adjustment for Ethan having to share his attention with another baby, but I think he'll get used to it. He always asks to see and hold Chase, and gives him kisses on the head a lot. My mom is still here so that helps, he has 3 people to get attention from, so we'll see what happens when Eric goes to work and my mom goes home. :)

For me the c-section was less scary than I'd imagined, but the recovery has been everything I dreaded. I've been really sore and can't get around easily, but the first week is always the hardest so it's downhill from here. Yesterday was the first day I felt like a real person again, so I know it'll get easier. Now I just have to fully recover so I can drive again and start losing some of the baby weight!

Here are some pictures from this first week, some of them are from the hospital that I just got from my sister and some are from since we've been home. We already enjoy this little guy so much
Thanks everyone for your prayers and congratulations!!!

Ethan and his crazy aunt Jayme :)

Fascinated by the baby

My 3 boys!!

Jayme the photographer took this :)

Aunt Jayme and Chase

For some reason Ethan loves to rub the baby's head

Holding in his own pacifier

Trying to be like his big brother

Burrito! On the cute blanket my mom made for him


The Jenkins Family said...

what a little cutie!!! Your boys will have so much fun together!!!

Lindsay said...

Hi Jessica! This is Lindsay from China! I hope you got my other comment, I'm sure life is completely hectic right now! Your two boys are so cute! I love all those pictures with them together! I hope you are recovering okay! Janalee gave me the link to your blog...I'm so glad I can keep in touch with you now! Whenever you get a free second, email me at and I'll send you a link to see my blog too! No rush, you just relax every second you get! And congratulations on your new little addition, he is adorable!

Lidia and Steve said...

Congratulations again! He is so cute! He looks just like Ethan!