Monday, October 27, 2008


This week was Ethan's first week by himself in nursery! He just turned 18 months on Monday, so yesterday was the first time I could leave him alone but we've been going in with him for the last few weeks during Sunday School to get him used to being in there. I was pretty nervous to leave him alone although he does well with babysitters and he likes playing with other kids. The first time we went in for a trial run one of the little girls pulled his glasses off, twice :) Ethan just sat there and let her do it, too. That didn't happen yesterday but I'm sure it will again.
When I dropped him off yesterday, he immediately started playing with toys and another little boy, not even noticing I was still there. I said, "Bye-bye Ethan!" and waved and started walking away, and he just turned and said "Buh-Bye!" and went back to his toys! No tears no fuss no nothing! I think I was more anxious about leaving him than he was about being left. I went and checked on him between Sunday School and Relief Society, making sure he didn't see me, but he was fine the whole time. When I went to get him after he was really excited and gave me a big hug which was cute. But I hope this pattern continues! The picture is his first coloring/handout he did in nursery, and of course it went right on the fridge. My baby is so old!


The Curtis Family said...

Wow what a big boy he is! Emma was like that too, just totally fine with me leaving, never looked back. I think it says that you've raised a self-assured kid who knows his mom loves him and who will come back for him.

OR MAYBE it just says he loves all the toys and other kids in nursery :).

Enjoy your next few months of freedom in RS, because it's gonna start all over again soon! How's that little baby coming along??

Scimber said...

What an easy boy you have!!!! Ethan is so cute, I hope my kids are as good as him!

Kirsti said...

Hey guys, it's Kirsti. Long time no talk or see! I didn't even know you two were married. :) So congrats, really late! I'm glad I found your blog, it's great to see what everyone is up to. My blog is if you want to check it out.