Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Funny faces; not so funny weather

Every once in a while, Eric and I will find Ethan making a funny face. Most of them are to fleeting to catch on film, but every once in a while we get lucky with our timing. Needless to say we are enjoying our time with him :) Here are a few we've gotten lately:

He likes to suck on his fingers...this one would have been hilarious if his eyes were open.

Pacifier mouth- Eric had just pulled it out and his face stayed the same shape :)

Waving to the camera

On a less fun note, these pictures were taken of Rexburg this morning. We woke up this morning to snow! This is late May! Last week was really nice weather, mostly in the 80's, and today we get this. Eric was a little excited because it meant he wouldn't have as much work to do and might be able to come home early, but as he drove to Idaho Falls he realized this weather didn't continue 25 miles down the highway. We just got lucky here.
Doesn't this make you excited to come down, Mom and Dad? ;)


Amy said...

So cute! I love the pics of him sleeping. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! And that weather is ridiculous!!