Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer in Rexburg

Oh what a beautiful summer! It is very hot and sunny almost everyday in Rexburg. Eric took advantage of the good weather and went fishing this weekend, and I decided that Ethan and I would try out the park by our apartment. I think he's still a little too young for it though :)
Ethan continues to progress and become more active and noisy everyday :) He talks a lot now, especially when you talk to him, and he's ticklish basically anywhere on the upper half of his body. The physical therapist still works with him once a week and continues to be amazed at his normalcy. He had to get some blood drawn on Thursday for some more tests, and didn't like his arms being held straight and poked. Mom didn't like holding him while they did it either, but he did really well and stopped crying right after they were done, and fell asleep the second he was back in his car seat. Other than that he likes his tummy time a little more now that he can hold his head up and roll over!


Amy said...

What a great smile, and I love the one of him on his tummy.