Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Toy & Family fishing

Ethan is in the process of discovering his hands. Sometimes he stares at them, and now when you put a toy in front of him he moves both arms in toward it. There is a green frog with scraggly hair that he loves to watch- he'll follow it around with his eyes and when you put it on his chest he pulls it to his face, then cringes when the hair tickles his nose. Pretty funny to watch :)

Ethan tickling himself in the face with the frog

Also, Eric decided that Ethan and I were worthy enough to accompany him on one of his fishing trips, so we set out Saturday morning for a place called Monkey Rock. It was only about 20 minutes away and very pretty, even at 6 am. Ethan pretty much slept the whole time, but woke up for the end. I caught a small trout and a sucker fish, and Eric caught a bunch of cut throat trout. We had fun and Eric thinks Ethan's potential to love fishing will increase if we start him young!

Monkey Rock

Eric is trying to find a good fishing spot


Amy said...

That place looks beautiful. I love the picture of you kissing Ethan's head, Jessica - so cute!