Monday, September 17, 2007

New and Improved

We are in our new and freshly painted apartment! And not a moment too soon, school started on Wednesday. So far it's been ok, but I never knew how hard it would be juggling classes and Ethan. But we are moved in and that helps. The people who painted the apartment yellow didn't do a very good job of taping and when we painted we were very careful about taping, so you can still see yellow along some of the cracks and on the baseboards. We'll eventually have to repaint them but we are ok with it for now. Here are some pictures:

The kitchen

We painted one wall in the kitchen and part of the living room a darker tan so we'd have a two-tone effect.

The light tan turned out way lighter than I wanted- when I went with the owner to pick out paint, she kept telling me that every color would look darker once it was on the whole wall, so she made me go two shades lighter than I wanted the color to turn out. And it ended up looking exactly like the swatch, which was very light.

The bedroom- I really like this color, this is what I wanted the rest of the apartment to look like, but we weren't about to repaint.

All moved in!
(I would have taken more of the moved in house but my camera battery died.)