Friday, September 28, 2007

"Real" Food

Sunday we decided that now that Ethan is 5 months old, we would let him at least try rice cereal to see if he liked it. Whenever we eat he always watches the fork go from plate to mouth, so we figured he understood the concept. So that morning just before his bath we mixed some cereal together and gave it a whirl! I think he got more on his face and clothes than he did on in his mouth, and he made a few faces, but at least he didn't hate it. But I think we'll wait till he's about 6 months to let it be a regular thing :) Oh yea and we'll get a real baby spoon, I don't think he liked the metal too much.


karin said...

I love these pics - the second thing I thought was "Wow! They really need a smaller spoon!" The first thing of course was how CUTE and BIG he's getting! Love Ya - Momma C