Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blessing Wyatt

After graduation, we headed down with my parents to Utah for when Jenn and Bridger blessed Wyatt. Their house looks amazing now, they bought an old house in Salem, completely remodeled it, and now they've gotten their yard in and it looks awesome. We went outside afterwards to take some pictures, here are some of them:

Everyone there, mostly Jenn's In-Laws
(Eric, Ethan and I are in the shade on the right)

Carters and our families

The girls and the kids! Wyatt had the cutest outfit with a tiny yellow tie.

Ethan and Avarie having fun on the keyboard

Ethan helped us drive home :)


Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Hehehe, sorry jessica! Didn't I didn't even think to post the recipe. Its up now!

Looks like you had a fun weekend!