Friday, September 5, 2008

Old & New

Ethan's glasses broke a few weeks ago and his new ones just came in. While we were on our trip to Utah he decided to take them off and play with them, and they ended up bent out of shape before Eric or I noticed. When I tried to re-shape them, the back of the left side snapped, so we ordered him a new pair when we got home. Here's the comparison:



After I uploaded these pictures I realized you really can't tell much of a difference, but he looks different to me :) The new ones are darker and a little more round, and I think they'll be better because he can't glare at you over the top of them like he could with the others. They also don't have the rubber part that goes around the back of his ear, they're just normal backs that the eye doctor bent so they'd stay on better. They look pretty cute and grown up on him!


Em and Bart said...

Hey Jessica, I haven't talked to in forever! We should hang out! It was great looking through your pictures, wow Ethan is huge! He is such a little boy! It's crazy how fast kids change.

Derick and Becky said...

He does look more grown up!

sarahbelleisk said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Your little Ethan is so cute! I haven't seen a picture of him until now so I'm glad I found your blog!