Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Utah

On Christmas Eve, we headed down to Utah to spend Christmas with our family! We were worried about the drive because it had snowed for 2 days before, but we hit a clear pocket of weather and made it down on dry roads. Ethan did pretty good in the car, he slept for a while then we set up my laptop with Curious George on and he was quiet for an hour!
Our first stop was to Riverton where Eric's Aunt Cathy was having a Christmas party. We went sledding and ate and it was great to see everyone again. Ethan probably would have liked sledding better if he had snowpants, and it hadn't been so windy. Eric took him down the hill twice before he decided he had had enough and we went to warm up.
We stayed at my Grandparents house along with my aunt Katie and her family, it was a full house but a lot of fun! Here we are opening our Christmas PJ's (thanks Mom!!) on Christmas Eve, then we read the Christmas story.
(very cheesy, sorry :)

The next morning the kids got up at about 6:30 (which was later than I expected!) to open presents from Santa.

Ethan in front of the hoards of presents!

Wanting to eat his Christmas orange

The Clan opening presents

Ethan in his sweet new suit from Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy. Can't wait to try it on him!!

It was a lot of fun, I'm really glad we went down to be with family because we have no idea where we'll be for Christmas from now on! It's kind of exciting but it makes me nervous as well. Thanks again Grumps and Grams for letting us spend Christmas with you!! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!