Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Update in Pictures

Because I haven't been very good at updating lately, I decided to update in pictures instead of a big long paragraph because its more exciting and descriptive.
Well then I just looked and I haven't taken many pictures because we've been rather busy, so maybe I'll do a little of both. :)

I think Ethan's going to be a really good big brother-- he's into kissing things right now, babies, his own reflection, teddy bears, mom and dad...I caught him in the act one day. He loves mirrors.

This is Ethan trying to wink-- when you tell him to wink at you he does this squinty thing with boys eyes, its really funny.

I'm still working on getting a decent video of Ethan doing the actions to "Popcorn Popping"-- he pokes in his eyes when you sing eyes and then shakes his hand when you sing "it wasn't really so" and a few others. He does it really well until we get out the video camera.

For my birthday I got a sewing machine! It's been really useful already, and my first project was to hem a pair of Eric's pants that he's been needing shortened for a while. I had no idea how to do it so I watched a tutorial on YouTube about it (who knew there was such a thing?). So I felt like a pro and tried to do it myself. I was going over one of the hems, and on jeans they are really thick, and I broke the needle. Luckily it came with a few spares, but I was actually proud! And the pants turned out alright as well :) For my second project on my sewing machine I did a stocking countdown to Christmas. This is it in the background of the picture Eric took. He was having fun experimenting with our camera and he took a bunch of random pictures around the house. The one below is outside our kitchen window, even more impressive because it was taken through a window!

So as you can see we've been keeping busy. Eric just finished up his second to last semester of his time at BYU-Idaho on Friday and now he's studying for the MCAT over break. He'll take it January 30th. I've just been called to be the first counselor in the Relief Society presidency and it's kept me busy already! But its a good kind of busy so I don't mind. We're probably heading down to Utah for a few days over Christmas break, so wish us luck driving in the snow!


The Curtis Family said...

We can't wait to see you in UT! I told the kids you guys might be staying at G&G's at the same time as we are, and they all went crazy about seeing "baby Eefan." That might be a reason for you NOT to stay there LOL. Oh, and what kind of auntie am I that I didn't even post a happy birthday message on your blog two weeks ago? So happy belated birthday. We thought about you that day, but you wouldn't have known it, since we didn't call or anything :).

Barbara said...

I hope you guys drive safe. We are also spending a few days in Utah but then coming back. Mat and I wanted to do a pot luck in our club house. So I will let you know, so we can talk and get together as a nice little group of friends. I hope you are doing good(sounds like u are) and I want to see your must be so cute already. Are you sure it's a by already?
let us know,