Thursday, July 2, 2009

Smelling Party

While Eric was at work today Ethan and I decided to have a smelling party :) My aunt Jenn sells Scentsy Products ( and I am thinking about maybe selling it as well, so she dropped off all her samples the other day. I wasn't sure he entirely understood the concept of smelling things, so I wanted to test it out. At first he would put them up to his mouth, and when it told him he had to use his nose he stuck it all the way in. After a while though, he got the hang of it and when I would hold one up to him he would take a deep breath and then say "Mmmm!".

So far my favorite scents:
Grapefruit Blossom
Autumn Sunset
Coconut Citrus Parfait
Pomegranite Orange (Apparently I'm a big citrus fan)
Camu Camu

Least favorite:
Falling Leaves
Clean Breeze- smells like very strong laundry detergent
Simply Irresistible- Not so irresistable...
Wasabi Ginger- Seriously? Smells good in food, but as a candle?

Meanwhile Chase sleeps on peacefully....

In other good news we found a place to live! We are renting a house from an LDS family on upper O'Malley in Anchorage, and it happens to be available August 1st, the day our house-sitting is up! It's a lot closer to our families and it cuts Eric's commute down from 50 minutes to 12. Yay!


Jenn said...

LOL! OH, but I love Falling Leaves. Not in the warmer, but the Room Spray. And who doesn't love clean laundry smell? ;) Glad your enjoying them. I'll try to drop off a bar for you to try out sometime today or tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see you guys this weekend. Fireworks at your place, right? :)

Amanda said...

Scentsy is what made me realize I was pregnant. I went to a Scentsy party and almost threw up when smelling certain scents and the toasted apple butter actually made me throw up. My mom was like, "You've got to be pregnant." HA, it would be fun to go to a party while not controlled by hormones.

PS- I have the pineapple car freshener and Josh keeps the cucumber melon car freshener in kis police car.

Lindsay said...

Dang it! Wanted you guys to rent the other side of the duplex Michael and I are in the middle of buying! :) Glad you found a place closer!!!

Jessi said...

So when I worked at Reflections someone had a big tub full of those little samples in the back room. One of the girls came back when I was eating lunch and was like, "what the heck are these?" I told her they were lipglosses and she should try one on. She did. And then she was mad at me. Ha ha ha.