Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jayme's Shower

For those of you who don't know, my little sister Jayme is getting married!! We had a bridal shower for her last week, and it turned out AMAZING! I helped a little with the invitations but all of the credit goes to Tammy Hogge for the incredible way it turned out! We had it at Kim Lowry's house, and when I walked in the day of it was completely transformed. Jayme's fiance Cody is a farm boy from Idaho so naturally we played up the theme, The Farmer Takes A Wife. She spend so much time on it and it really paid off. Here are the results:

Tammy's husband matt painted the barn-- it took up her entire wall!

Woman of the day- Tammy! She didn't want me to take a picture and I'm sure she'll kill me for posting this one, but here it is. Love you Tam! :)

More helpers- Allie and Linda Shriver
Lemonade in real cups...or jars
She brought in a hay bale and saddle and everything

So many little details!

Tons of amazing "down home" food

The cupcakes to take home after looked like sun flowers and even had M&Ms painted to look like ladybugs!
Thanks to all who came it was way fun, and CONGRATS JAYME!!!


The Curtis Family said...

uh, are ya kiddin' me? that looks amazing! I'm sad I missed it :(