Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hiatus Rationale, and an update

So I'm blaming my lack of blogging on several things- no camera battery, wedding stuff, and Grey's Anatomy. I blame the last one on my sister who let me borrow the first season, and now Eric and I are hooked. We found a website online where you can watch full episodes, its pretty dangerous. We are already on the fourth season!

But maybe I should stop giving excuses and just give an update. Sorry, my camera is out of battery and I keep forgetting to charge it so no pictures this time.
Ethan and Chase were both weighed yesterday-- Ethan came in at 26 lbs 6 oz, which is the same as he was at his 2 year appointment 5 months ago. No surprise there, that kid never wants to eat. But Chase has gained yet another pound and a half, and now weighs 17 lbs 14 oz. When is he going to slow down?! He's going to be too big for his car seat in another couple months.
I've been having more fun with my boys the last few weeks, Chase just all of a sudden seemed able to interact and became a lot more fun. He is able to roll over onto his stomach but can't roll back, so he gets frustrated because he doesn't like being on his tummy for too long. He eats rice cereal really well, and we've just started introducing other vegetables like squash and green beans and he doesn't mind those either. I think he just likes food in general :) Its funny how much I've forgotten and had to relearn about when and what foods to introduce, when he'll start solids, its been 2 years since I've had to think about this stuff.

Ethan is becoming such a talker, that's really fun too. He's started joking around more, and thinks its funny to call me Mommy Monkey. Sometimes when he does things he will say what we would have said in that situation-- like if I ask him to go give Chase a toy, he'll walk over and put it in his hand and then say "Thank you, Ethan". He's pretty hesitant to go down stairs, so I always remind him that he can do it on his own, and once he gets down the step I usually say, "See you can do it! Good job." So now whenever he navigates stairs by himself he looks up at me and says, "See! Good." with the same inflection I would have used. When we ask him to, if he's not in a shy mood, he can make a really funny sad face. He can never hold it for too long before he starts laughing because he knows we are going to laugh too. Oh and every time I ask him where something is, like one of his toys, his automatic response is "throw it downstairs." At bedtime his favorite story to hear is about Noah's Ark, when Eric asks him what story he wants to hear he always says the animals and boat story.

The boys keep each other entertained too. It's interesting how much Chase watches Ethan. The other day in the car Ethan kept making this funny noise, and every time he did it Chase would burst out laughing. It was pretty cute.

Well tomorrow is Eric's birthday so hopefully I'll get the camera charged and ready so next post I'll have some pictures to go with it :)


Kristen Moss said...

Good I am glad that you are posting. Maybe you will do it regularly now. I wanna see pictures of Alaska. Is it as pretty as they say? I cant beleive how big chase is, it wont be long till he is bigger than ethan. people are going to think he is the older brother. poor ethan.

I wish I could see ethan, I cant believe he is getting so big.

The Curtis Family said...

Happy Birthday to Eric!

I wish we were closer so we could see your boys. Oh, and you too :).

It was fun hanging with you a teeny bit at the wedding. What an amazing slideshow LOL.

Amanda said...

Evie is now obsessed with Chase. She talks about him constantly. Mostly she tells me he's asleep upstairs, because when she last saw him that's what he was doing. Then we have to go upstairs and I have to show her the empty crib and remind her that his mommy took him home. It's all very confusing for her.