Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Halloween Costume EVER

This year Ethan got to dress up as his favorite cartoon character-- Swiper the Fox! For all of you less informed individuals, Swiper is the antagonist from Dora the Explorer who always tries to swipe Dora's stuff. If you ask Ethan what Swiper says, he gets excited and says,"Ohhh Maaaaan!!!" Pretty cute. Eric's mom helped me make the costume, we just adapted it from an existing pattern for a reindeer and edited the hood, and it looks just like him! Thanks for all the help, Grandma!!

My cute little fox.

Saying "Oh Man!"

We didn't get a good picture of the tail, but that was the best part. Someone at Trunk or Treat thought he was the squirrel from Ice Age (haha).

For Chase, we used Ethan's Halloween costume (well, sweatshirt :) from 2 years ago-- a pumpkin! It was pretty big on Ethan but it fit Chase pretty well. Don't they look alike?!

Ethan 2007

Chase 2009

Happy Halloween!!


Scimber said...

Swiper, no swiping!!! Ethan looks awesome!!! That is one great costume!!

Janalee said...

sooooo cute! you have such cute little boys! they are getting so big!

Amanda said...

What a cute costume! You are such a good mom to make one for him.

Amy said...

Cute cute! Great job on the costume!