Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Glasses

We finally got Ethan's new glasses in last week! He's had glasses since he was 9 months old, and this is only his third pair. Pretty good track record for a kid, I would say! Here is a picture of his new glasses, they took a while for me to get used to but now I think they are pretty cute. They are wider and sit farther away from his face, but I think they make him look a little older. Everyone who sees him thinks he's at least 3, sometimes 4. At first he didn't like them-- the prescription in them is a little stronger than his last ones-- but I think he's used to them now. What do you think??

Not the best picture, but the most recent I could find with them on...


(sorry I couldn't flip this one)

And here are some of Chase and Ethan playing in Ethan's tent today.

They crack me up when they get together, gotta love boys!