Friday, June 8, 2007

The Blessing

Ethan’s baby blessing was last weekend and it was a really neat experience. Eric was really nervous but he did a wonderful job. He officially named him Ethan Eric Rindlisbacher, and said that he would be a blessing to his family and many others, which we know has already happened and will continue to happen. We appreciate all the support that we had from the family, it was fun to have you guys here!

His cute outfit, compliments of Grandma Carter. It was a little big on him, she bought a size 3-6 month because we weren't sure when we'd be able to bless him. But he pulled it off ok :)

Eric thought he looked more studly like this

The blesser holding the blessee

Ethan's cousins Avarie and Natalie (with a cheesy grin :)


Amy said...

He looked so cute in his little blessing outfit. It was great to get to be there with you guys. Wow - that is an awesome smile by Natalie! :)