Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fishing and Weird Hair

Eric was able to go fishing on Saturday and had a blast. He went with his friend Jared, and they had to climb down a steep, rocky incline to get to the spot they wanted to fish at. They said the climb down wasn't so bad, but to get back out was ridiculously hard. They ended up catching some big fish, the first one Eric caught was this big brown trout that he said was about 16 inches long. He hit it with a rock, stuck a stick through it's gills, they made a little rock pool to keep it in, and they went on fishing. About 20 minutes later Jared heard splashing and went over to see what was going on, and the fish had gotten off the stick! Just as Jared reached down to grab it, the fish flipped over the rocks and was gone. Eric came home with sore legs and no fish, but I don't doubt he'll go there again :)

Eric's fish

Jared's fish :)

Other than that, the Rexburg Rindlisbachers are doing well! Ethan has decided he'll sleep a little longer through the nights and give his parents some rest, and we appreciate that. He'll be 2 months old next week and he's growing like crazy.
Sometimes Eric likes to do funny things with him, and the other day he put my hair over his head and it looked hilarious. I know these are hideous pictures, but I thought people might get a kick out of them!

We tried to give him a Mohawk but he doesn't really have enough hair

Posing in his sleep


Amy said...

I love the picture of him sleeping - so cute! The one's with the hair are terrible! :)