Monday, July 2, 2007

Heads Up

Ethan is starting to push himself up with his arms to look around. It's funny because he talks a lot while he's doing it. He likes being on his stomach for a little while, but I think he gets tired quickly because he won't rest his head down unless he has a pacifier in his mouth. So after a few minutes he starts to get agitated, but he holds it up really well for a while.

He can almost see the camera...

Superman! Arms and feet up

Starting to not like it so much

Eric and I took Ethan on a drive, mainly to explore what is north of Rexburg. We revisited a fishing hole Eric and Grandpa Rindlisbacher had gone to while he was down here. Idaho doesn't look to bad in the summer time!

It was by a dam and had a pretty view, but with no A/C in the car we couldn't stay in one place too long.

Ethan did really well in the car, even with the windows rolled down and the wind in his face.

Other random shots...