Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Thanksgiving for our Little Family

We decided this year we would have Thanksgiving with just our family. The part I was most nervous about was cooking the turkey because I've never done it before, but Eric took the initiative on that one and I was really glad he did because it turned out really well! On the recipe it said to baste it frequently during the first hour, and I swear he got up every 10 minutes to do it. I was worried it wasn't going to cook in time because the oven was open so much! But it ended up being amazing and moist and very good. And we have lots of leftovers.
Last night we made turkey soup from some of the remnants and that turned out really good as well.

The perfect turkey! Basted quite often :)
Ethan wanted to help cook.
He got kinda in the way after a few minutes, and he loves the feel and sound of plastic bags so I put him on the floor with a full bag of marshmallows. A few minutes later I heard him whining and went to see what happened and somehow he had gotten the bag open and spilled marshmallows all over the floor. I actually put that one in his hand for affect, but he did like sucking on it while I took the picture!

Eric wanted to make Uncle Mikes layered Jello, but didn't start it till Thanksgiving morning. He didn't have enough time to let each layer set completely, and added the next layer as soon as the previous one started looking a little firm. After it was all done, he wanted to be able to see all the layers so he tried to turn it upside down onto a plate. This is what happened :)

Before, just out of the fridge.About to flip...
And done. It wasn't hard enough to stand up on it's own.
You could actually see the layers once it was in a dish, and it did taste really good!