Friday, November 30, 2007

Seven Month Pictures

I decided it was time to get some good pictures of Ethan. Mine are fun but not even close to professional. My friend Lynn (used to be Lynn Christian, and used to baby-sit me :) lives in Rexburg and has a photography studio in her basement, so I asked her to take some pictures of him and maybe a few family ones. I scheduled it at a time that is normally between his naptimes, but unfortunately he woke up earlier than normal that morning so he was already tired by the time we got there. After a few frustrating tries for family shots with him rubbing his eyes the whole time, we decided to come back later and try again.
When I went back he was in a better mood, but was content to just look at the camera and be amused by the crazy things Lynn and I were doing to try to make him smile, but he didn't crack. So here are some pretty straight-faced but still cute pictures of Ethan at 7 months.

He had his hands in his mouth almost constantly when we went back! It was hard to get a good picture.
His attempt at sitting up :) We're still working on that one.


Kayci Bitton said...

What cute pictures!!!! Now, who is this friend?? We need pictures too..what are her prices?

Amy said...

Cute pictures, you guys! He's looking like he's getting so close to sitting up! What a cute boy.

Ryan and Triana said...


Super cute pics! You look really good!! How is Ethan doing?

Kara Wilde said...

Awe, he's so cute! I like the one where his finger is in his mouth, ha ha :)

Matt & Jenn said...

Cute pictures! Just so you know, the link to stastny family isn't working. I think you need to edit out the www
See you next week!