Monday, November 5, 2007

Fun, funny boy

Ethan is a funny kid with such a personality. It's been fun trying him on new foods and letting him play with new toys. The other day on our way back from the store, we brought him inside in his carseat and let him play for a few minutes and he was just talking up a storm. When we went to get him out, he had gotten one of the links on his plastic chain stuck on the side of his mouth, it was hilarious to watch him try to get it off!

You can't see it very well, but half of it's inside his mouth and the other half is outside, pinching his cheek.

Eric finally took pity on him and helped him get it out.

I bought him a new outfit and for some reason it came with a hat, so I decided to see what it looked like on him. I don't think he'll be wearing it too often :)

Despite his chubby cheeks, Ethan has such a skinny waist that none of the 6-9 month pants fit him yet. This pair of pants even had elastic at the waist and they were still big.

Ethan in his first "real" pair of PJ's, the two piece non-footed kind. He looked like such a big boy!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Hey! I am glad you have a blog! What cute pictures of Ethan!

Kara Wilde said...

Wow is your baby CUTE! Way to go! :) Yay for blogs!