Friday, November 9, 2007

Sleeping- Not Wrapped!!!

So we finally got Ethan weaned of having to be wrapped as he goes down for naps or bedtime! He's been waking himself up at nights for the past few weeks because he'll break out and isn't used to having his arms free, so they go right to his face and wake him up. Not fun. But now it seems like he's over it! We just lay him down and put a blanket on him, which he grabs and pulls next to his face, and when we leave the room he'll either talk or cry for a few minutes, then goes to sleep. It's a

pretty nice change. Next Eric wants to wean him of the pacifier, but I don't think that'll happen for a while yet.

Also, the occupational therapist brought us a chair to put Ethan in once in a while to work on his sitting up skills. It's super sturdy and he likes being up in the action, so he has fun with it. But she told us not to use it to much or else it will act like a crutch and he won't learn to sit up on his own. Eric was having fun with Ethan in it and put him in front of the mirror, which he loves looking into.


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Ethan is so cute! That chair looks like fun, I bet it's hard not to put him in it! :)