Thursday, January 31, 2008

Glasses for the Kid

Ethan's glasses came in yesterday, to the anxiousness and chagrin of his parents. Actually, they really aren't that bad. We tried them on him last night at the optometrists office and naturally he hated it, so we were pretty unexcited about having to repeat that process every day. But this morning, we put them on him before he even got out of his crib, and he really didn't seem to mind them! Honestly I think it's more of an adjustment for Eric and me than it is for Ethan. He only tried to take them off 3 times the whole day, and he was in a happy mood all day. When he reaches up to his face and feels something there he sometimes gets a confused look on his face, but we try to distract him before he tries to pull the glasses off. I think he realizes that he can see better with them on. Hopefully every day will be as good as this first one has!
Ethan needs glasses because he's farsighted. Babies are usually at a +2 to +3 prescription, but he's a +6 in his right eye and +6.5 in his left. The difference in vision between his two eyes was causing cross-eyedness, so thats why we took him in to the doctor in the first place. They think he'll have to wear them till he's about 10 give or take a few years, but they said kids usually grow out of it. The best news was that it has nothing to do with the brain damage or complications; it is just plain ol' inherited bad vision. I don't know if that's cause for celebration but we were happy!

Cheesy grin on a nerdy boy! Gotta love it

I tried to get him to look at me so I could take a picture, but apparently he was involved in an intense conversation with a giraffe.
He loves oranges! We got a bag of clementines and he loves playing with them. Today he ripped a tiny hole in the side and sucked out the juice. When I took it away, the half of the orange near the hole was shriveled and pulpy.


Josh, Amanda, and Evelyn said...

I love them!! I didn't think you could do anything to make Ethan cuter, but glasses did it. I miss you guys!!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

seriously jess...he is sooo cute! I would almost say cuter than before! He looks like a baby genius!!!

Em and Bart said...

Jessica, he looks SO cute! I LOVE his glasses. I can't wait to play with him.

Amy said...

Love it! He looks adorable! I can't wait to get our two nerdy glasses babies together soon! :)

jkmoss3 said...

Hey I like his glasses, he is so cute. But on an unrelated note, I talk about you to my parents all the time, well I used to update them on all the stuff with ethan, so my dad was checkin out your blog the other day and he was reading your name game thingy. He stumbled across something funny. his name is Steve Hurst, and the star wars name thing is the first three letters of your last name and the first two letters of your first name. so his star wars name is Hurst. I thought that was hillarious, he says he must be from some where really far away.

Kayci Bitton said...

He is so cute! How are you guys doing?? We miss the 73rd ward!