Sunday, March 2, 2008

February Back-Peddle

Wait, where did February go? I thought it was only one day shorter than the rest of the months, not 29 days! Ok so I got a little distracted and didn't post a whole lot last month. But if I could go back in time and actually update my blog regularly, it would have read something like this:

Daddy and Me

Ethan: I don't know how Dad talked me into this, but after a minute to get used to this, it was kind of fun!

Ethan's actually been doing really well at saying "DaDa" lately, it's really cute! We don't know if he's saying it because he knows Eric is Dad, or if it's just him talking nonsense. But everytime Eric comes in the room or we prompt him to say it, he does and looks at Eric. It's really cute, I'll try to get it on video and figure out how to post it sometime soon. He's also learned a few new tricks, he can clap and has started to wave at people when they wave at him.

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Rindy!
Ethan wanted to thank Grandma and Grandpa Rindy for the amazing Valentine gift they sent. It's a cute duck toy that's supposed to promote crawling, hopefully it will do it's job! Actually the occupational therapist has this toy and she used to bring it for Ethan to play with sometimes. Now he's excited that he has one of his own!

Cousins and Friends

Eric and I went down to Utah one weekend to see family (a new nephew!) and throw a baby shower for some of my friends. I am bad at remembering to take pictures, so I don't have any of Wyatt or the baby shower, but Amy took some pictures of Ethan and Brooke together. These cousins both wear glasses and looked really cute!

Also, Ethan goes over Tuesday and Thursday mornings to a friends house for babysitting, and here he's made a friend. I traded one day and took the boys instead, and here is Ethan and Daniel hanging out. I think Daniel wishes Ethan was a better playmate, but Ethan loves staring at Daniel as he tries to get into everything. I can't wait till Ethan's at that stage!

So that was February in one shot, sorry about the delay!