Saturday, June 7, 2008

First trip to the zoo

Friday afternoon we took Ethan to the zoo for the first time! I think I was more excited than anyone, but it ended up being really fun for everyone. We were worried it was going to be tiny, when we pulled up we could see a camel in a corner cage and we drove another block and we were already to the other side of the zoo. But it took us a good hour to get through all the animals so we were impressed. The Idaho Falls hospital put on a free night at the zoo and we got an invitation, they gave out free refreshments and gave us free water bottles and Ethan a stuffed lion, it was really nice. Ethan's been getting better at animal noises lately and he was super excited to see the animals, he pointed and wanted to reach out to them. When we got to the tigers he even growled!

Squawking at the birds. The pelicans were huge!
Oooh I think we stayed the longest at the tigers, there were two of them and they were HUMONGOUS and gorgeous. They were brothers and played around with each other, so it was fun to watch.
Lion cubs

Ethan looking scared with dad, but that's just how he uses a straw :) It got pretty chilly near the end, Idaho is always windy

I think Ethan's favorites were these special breed of prairie dogs, they came right up to the window and followed his hand. And he barked back :)

The flamingos were my favorite, I've never seen them in person!

It was fun and well worth the trip!


Jenn said...

That looks like a fun zoo. Maybe our travel plans will change after all. :)