Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hospital visit

Our friends Kristen and Jared had their baby this week! I was sad because I was out of town on Wednesday when she had it, and figured by the time I got back on Saturday Kristen would be home from the hospital and I wouldn't be able to visit. She was induced and ended up having a C-section, so they were still there to visit when Ethan and I got home. They had a little boy named Kroten, he is so cute and has tons of red hair. Ethan was fascinated with him and every time I'd walk away holding him he'd whine and want to see the baby again. He kept reaching for the Krotens face, so I let him touch his hand. It was really cute to see how interested he was in him. Maybe it's time for a little brother? Just kidding :)

Cute sleeping baby!

Ethan was so interested just to stare at him (and try to grab) that he wouldn't let me go far!

After they got home from the hospital, we went over on Sunday to bring them dinner. Once again Ethan didn't want to leave the baby alone. It was pretty fun to see.

So excited!


jkmoss3 said...

Oh my gosh your friends baby is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I think he should be the gerber model. I hope ethan and Kroten are friends forever.