Saturday, June 7, 2008

On hands and knees

Ethan's been making so much progress lately! Physically, he's able to move around a lot more than he was even a few weeks ago. He's been getting better at reaching out to toys that are far away on the floor, and this week he's even started getting on his hands and knees to reach! Before he was able to get things behind him, because he's learned how to scoot on his bum and also to rotate himself around on his belly, but he always gets frustrated trying to go forward because he doesn't know how. It's really exciting to see his progress, I was beginning to think he wasn't even going to crawl till his 2nd birthday! I guess I should have a little more faith in him, he's done amazing with everything else :)

Look what I can do, Mom!

The toy in front of him is motivation to move :) Whatever works!