Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fifteen Months

Can you believe it? Ethan is 15 months old today! Yikes, it doesn't even feel like we've been married that long...
Sorry again for the long time between posts on the blog, I thought I'd get better once summer hit because I would have more time. Ha ha. These last few weeks have been fun and busy-- the fun part was a family reunion we had in McCall, Idaho. It was a gorgeous place and we had gorgeous weather; my family rented a big cabin off Payette lake for 35 people to stay in for a week :) It was a lot of fun, we had some speed boats to go wake boarding and tubing behind, lots of food, fishing, and time together as a family. My grandparents had just gotten back from a mission in San Diego so we hadn't seen them in 2 years, and Eric had never met one of my uncles and his family so it was good to get together again. I hardly took out my camera but my uncle Mark took a lot of pictures which he's sending out to everyone, so I'll post more when I get them. Here are a few cute ones:

Emma trying on Ethan's glasses

Ethan entertaining his cousin, Wyatt

A week after that finals started for Eric and I had to get serious about finishing my internship hours. I finished a final presentation for my final class (Intro to Advertising- but it was an ad campaign competition and I just found out my group won!) and turned in my internship report on Wednesday, so I will officially get my degree now! I am really glad I decided to walk for graduation in April, it was nice to just finish and not have to worry about any of the ceremonials. They're just mailing me the diploma which should get here in 4-6 weeks :)
Eric had a grueling last week of finishing labs, tests, and then final exams. But that got over Friday and now we have a 7 week break till he has to start all over again. Eric has 2 more semesters left, meaning he should graduate with his Bachelors degree in April.
I didn't think it was possible, but Ethan just keeps getting cuter and cuter. And I know every mom thinks this about their baby, but he's so smart! We're teaching him a few words in sign language, and he's gotten "please" down really well. He's starting to say a few words, and now every time he picks up one of our cell phone he puts it to his ear and says "hi dad!" (more like Hi Daa but close enough :) I got some of these cute things on video the other day and wanted to show them off- I'll put it up tomorrow. Stay tuned!


The Curtis Family said...

No, you're right. Ethan does keep getting cuter and smarter. I love love love that pic of Emma with his glasses on. You'll have to email that to me.

I can't believe Eric will graduate in April. It seemed like he had SUCH a long time left when you got married. I guess he did, but time flies :).

Have you guys decided where he's going to med school (AZ AZ AZ pleeeaaaase!!).

The Curtis Family said...

Oh, and congrats on winning the ad competition too :)

Mike and Emily said...

SO cute!!

Jason & Jamie said...

Cute to see the pics,Your little boy is adorable!! hope you all are doing really great! : )