Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pull ups

Not the diaper kind of pull-up, we're not quite to that stage yet, but the furniture kind! About 3 days after he learned to crawl, Ethan figured out he could crawl to the couch and pull himself up. Or the lamp. Or Dad's leg. And now it's his favorite thing to do (besides open and close doors :). If Eric and I are in the living room, he'll crawl to Eric and pull himself up on his pant leg, bounce for a minute on his knees, then come over to me and do the same thing till one of us picks him up or gives him a little attention. Everyone kept telling me it's so much harder once they start moving because they get into everything- I do have to keep a closer eye on him- but in other ways it's a lot easier because he entertains himself!
Here's the crazy kid with his pull up moves:

Visiting Dad

Coming over to me...Checking with Dad to see if it's ok

Trying to get a good grip

So proud of himself!!


Derick & Becky said...

Oh yes, it is a whole new array of STUFF they can get into now! No more hiding things on the couch or a chair or a shelf because he will find it! I love his little grown up boy plaid shirt, very cute!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow... he has just gone all for crawling and trying to walk!

Em and Bart said...

Man! He is doing so many things now, he is growing up so fast! By the way I read the Twilight series again, and I agree it was just as good the second time!