Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day

Wednesday was Ethan's last session of occupational therapy with his long time therapist, Gayle. She has been coming to our house once a week since Ethan was a month old to work with him, and has helped his development progress so much! Not only that but I gained a friend, and we are really going to miss her! I know you read this Gayle so thanks for all you've done for our family. You've really touched our lives and I'm glad we were able to work and play with you for as long as we had the opportunity. Ethan has been truly blessed by your talents.

We have another therapist who will replace Gayle but he has some big shoes to fill. Hopefully we'll hear from him soon and get everything set up, he's supposed to be very good at what he does. We'll see if Ethan reacts differently to a male therapist. I hope the transition goes smoothly and we'll keep you posted!