Friday, August 15, 2008

Shout out to the workin' man!

Usually summer is the time to relax and take a break, especially from school. But that's not what Eric has been doing with his summer. First he decided to attend the summer semester at BYU-I so he can graduate on track in April 09. That was fine, although by the end he was pretty burned out. Now we are in the middle of a 7-week break between semesters, but he isn't taking a break now either. He's taking a course to prepare for the MCAT, which he will take either in September or January. This man never quits! We love you sweetie and appreciate all the hard work you do for our family! Although the end is not in sight (1 more year of undergrad, 4 years medical school, 2-4 years residency...) you work so hard and we wanted to say thank you for all you do!!


tracie said...

That's so cool he's going to med school!!! Good luck!!