Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Adventures

Warning in advance: this will be a long post. I haven't had a chance to update in a while so I have a lot of pictures that I want to share.

Eric says I need to blame the long absence from blogging on this:

I read, like a lot of others, the fourth book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I won't ruin it for those who haven't read it yet, but I was a little disappointed with it. I was glad it had a happy ending but it took a lot of crazy turns to get there, and I thought it may have been a little far fetched. Now I need something else to read so if you have any suggestions for a good book, let me know!

We've stayed pretty busy over this 7-week break from school. Eric has seen a lot of Idaho because he fishes a lot, but I've never ventured too far from Rexburg so I made him take us out. We went to Mesa Falls which is beautiful but I didn't have the camera with us. We also went on a hike about 20 minutes away from Rexburg with a cool view of the Snake River.

Pretty View

He looks so happy! Maybe thats because he's not doing much of the work...

Eric thought this would be funny :)

We also went bowling with our friends Kristen and Jared and their little boy Kroten. It was way fun and I haven't been in a long time! Just as we were leaving they turned on the black lights, but you can't really tell cause the flash was on the camera. Ethan had fun and was our own cheering squad, he would clap everytime someone went even if we didn't. Pretty cute. Also, we had just got back from Ethan's appointment and found out he weighed a little over 20 lbs, so these balls together weigh as much as he did :)

Ethan's been a busy bugger over the break as well. He reads a lot, whenever he finds a book lying around, and he also figured out that he can climb up on the couch if he has a step stool. He always loves looking out the window, and now he can get up to it all by himself!

Last weekend we made a trip down to Utah to visit family. We stayed at my Grandparents, who built a house in Orem while they were on their mission. They got home in May and it's so good to have them so close!

We went to a family party at Eric's Aunt Cathy's house celebrating 08/08/08. It was fun, and the last time we've seen most of his family was at the 07/07/07 party last year! Here's Ethan's cute cousin Natalie pushing him on the swing-

We also went and visited Eric's Grandma White, she had never met Ethan before and kept raving about how he was the cutest and smartest baby she's ever seen :)

Ethan and his cousin Wyatt

We went out to dinner with the Grandparents and Jenn and Bridger, and of course Bridger told them it was my birthday (even though it wasn't). Avarie had fun with the frosting!

Grandma's lovely drawing on the table at Macaroni Grill

Think he did this on his own?


jkmoss3 said...

I like this blog. Although you failed to mention that Kristen kicked your butt in bowling. And I was trying to think of some way to say something about the fact that Ethan's balls weigh as much as he does, but I can not, so we will leave it at that. And also that I think that we should plan to go camping up at the spot at Mesa Falls, and then go on a hike around there.

Amber Briggs said...

CUTE! Looks like you guys have had a fun summer and are staying really busy! I was thinking of you and just wanted to say hi!!

The Curtis Family said...

First, what in the H is grandpa doing with his mouth in that photo? He looks like some sort of alien spawn!

Second, I need to hook you up with my friend's recent post on her blog. Her husband is just finishing his residency and they will be able to get a "real" life. They've been at it for a long time!! They have four kids, ages 10 to 2.

Third, Ethan needs to knock it off. He's getting way too cute.

Fourth, I'm going to send you an invite to my account so you can see what I and my book club (and other friends) are reading. It's a fun way to get ideas of new things to read!

So check your email if you haven't already.

Amy said...

Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! It's really nice to be able to take a break from school for a while, although it sounds like your husband is working hard no matter what... good for him! Ethan is getting so big! He's such a handsome guy!