Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday Ethan and I were running errands before Eric got home from the MCAT, and I decided to stop by Porters (a craft store in Rexburg). As I was walking toward the entrance I was carrying my purse, carrying Ethan (which is a hard task with my big belly sticking out in front) who was saying "walk!" and trying to get down, and I was on the phone with my mom. There were several other people walking in at the same time and the gentleman in front of me swung the door open wide enough so I could fit through as well. Usually when you swing a door open like that, you have to push pretty hard because the hydraulic door stop at the top keeps it from going very far. Not this door. When the man pushed it out Ethan and I were standing right behind it and it SMACKED Ethan right in the face! He was stunned for a second then started bawling, doing the don't-breathe-hold-it-out-for-a-long-time cry that I hate. I didn't know whether he had gotten the full force in the nose or where, but I was afraid for a few minutes he either had a broken nose or a concussion. I don't know why I start crying when things like that happen, but right now I can blame it on the pregnancy so I will. I started crying with him and kept asking him, "Are you ok?" (dumb I know) and his answer to everything is "Yes" so even in the midst of his crying he kept saying "Yes". We walked around the parking lot for a few minutes while he calmed down and I tried to make it look like I hadn't been crying. By the time we made it inside he had a big goose egg welling up in the middle of his forehead and another bruise forming on his nose. That's when I figured out where he had been hit.

This isn't a very good picture of the goose egg, it stuck out pretty far but this is the best we could get. Eric was driving home from Salt Lake when all this happened so after I got back in the car I called him and told him what happened. He immediately started laughing! Then he said that out of all that happened, he felt really bad for the poor guy who hit Ethan in the face! He could imagine what it would be like to not only have hit this kid with a door and made him cry, but then the mom started crying as well!
So I don't know who came out of that situation the most traumatized: the crying baby, the distressed mom, or the man whose good deed backfired.


Jenn said...

hahaha! Until I saw the picture of Ethan, I was reading it thinking the man had gotten hit and was crying, so I was picturing this man crying, and thinking to myself, "what a cry baby"

Hope Ethan is doing better.

The Curtis Family said...

THIS is why I never help people. You never know when it's going to blow up in your face. Or theirs.

Sorry Ethan got a goose egg :(

He's still the cutest ever though.

Hope Eric gets good news re: MCAT!

Amanda said...

Wow, I feel really bad for all involved in this mess. Poor pregnant and emotional mommy. Poor old man who apparently has super strength when it comes to opening doors. And poor abused toddler. That is quite a battle scar!

Michelle and Judson said...

How classic right? That was quite the goose egg. Let us know how Eric does, I bet he did great, that's a stressful test

Janalee said...

Hey Jessica! I love this story! It so sounds like something I would do, the whole crying thing! It still made me giggle a little but I am sorry for your little ones goose egg!