Friday, February 13, 2009

Toddler Lab

A few weeks ago Ethan started a program at the BYU-I called Toddler Lab. It's hard for me to post about it because I don't have pictures to go along with it, but I'm finally getting around to it. They'll give us pictures they've taken at the end of the semester but they ask parents not to take them during. The program is really neat, its sort of a pre-preschool for kids 18 months to 3 twice a week. In Ethans class they have 14 kids and 6 or 7 early childhood development majors, and they are super organized. I was expecting it to be more like nursery, because seriously what organized thing can you make fourteen 2-year-olds do at the same time, but they manage to do a lot! The kids go in and get to play for a few minutes while everyone gets there, but then they have things like art time, circle time where they sing, and snack time (they give them real cups, not sippys! Very brave). Ethan cried the first time I left him there but got over it when he found out they have a slide. They don't like parents sneaking out, so they tell you to say goodbye and they'll deal with the tears. He hasn't cried since his first day, now all the way there he sits in his the carseat and says "Play!" and as soon as he walks in the door, he announces himself by yelling "Hi!" and doesn't give me a second look. There's an observation booth with one way mirrors that parents can watch if they want to stay. He loves it and its helping him become more social- he's usually such a passive kid around other kids. So this is helping him break out of his shell a little. Anyway, its been a great experience so far, and I think they do it every semester. If anyone in Rexburg who has kids that age hasn't done it I would highly recommend it!

Ok so I couldn't not post any pictures, so here's a recent one of the stinker. He took off his glasses and wanted to wear Daddy's sunglasses instead :)


Amanda, Brian and Katherine said...

how did you get him into the toddler lab? sounds like a great experience!

jkmoss3 said...

oh I miss you guys.

Please post pics of your belly. We wanna see those swollen ankles.