Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome Home, Elder Carter!

We got to go to Utah this weekend to welcome my brother home from his mission to Capetown, South Africa! So he wasn't really home, it was during his 2 hour layover in Salt Lake that we got to see him, but it was way fun and worth the drive! We probably won't get to see him again for a while so I'm glad we went.
There were a ton of people there, probably a bigger reception than when he got home to Alaska! He looked really good but very tired, he said he'd been really busy the last 2 weeks. He brought home some military sized Books of Mormon and gave us one covered in hippo hide! He had some covered with elephant and a few other animals, it was neat. He gave my Grandparents a pair of salt and pepper shakers made of bone that he said he traded his watch for :) It was funny to listen to him talk, he picked up a little bit of an accent too.

Welcome home Jeremy! It was so good to see you again!!! We love you and are so proud of you!
Ethan met his Uncle Jeremy for the first time!
He couldn't say Jeremy very well so we taught him to say uncle.

Jeremy with the Grandparents!

The siblings :)
Jenn and I realized when we got there we were matching, so I left my coat on. Its the same thing that always happened to my mom and grandma when they'd show up for work, it was funny.

All the family there!
There were about 15 people there to see him besides us.


The Curtis Family said...

Oh, so good to see Jer with the fam! Thanks for posting these pics.