Friday, May 1, 2009

Chase the Chunk :)

Ok the only reason I put that in the title was because we took Chase in for his 2 week doctor appointment today and he now weighs 9 lbs 1 oz. Last week he was 7 lb 7 oz! He is doing really well and filling out, he already seems like so much a part of the family! Ethan can't leave him alone, between rubbing his head and giving him kisses, he always wants to be around his little brother. And although it's stressful to be in a transition stage, it's been nice having Eric home since he graduated a few weeks ago and is now looking for a job. I still can't believe we have 2 kids!

First smile- caught on camera! I'm sure it was just gas but it was still cute!


chanda and scott said...

He's so cute! I love his big eyes!

jkmoss3 said...

SO cute, I still wish we could come see you. I am glad you guys are doing so good. He looks so much like ethan I cant get over it. And Ethan is getting so big wow, it is crazy how time passes I dont Like it.