Friday, May 1, 2009

Ethan's Adventures

Since Chase came around, we've been trying to do things for Ethan so the focus isn't all on the new baby. Granted most of it is, but we do what we can :). He's been having a lot of fun though, and he really does love his new brother.

Eric took Ethan fishing with the new pole he got for his birthday. He swears Ethan caught this one all by himself! He was playing with his pole, wiggling it while the line was in the water and apparently yanked right at the right time-- and hooked this one in the mouth! Then he reeled it in with Erics help, and was so excited to touch the wiggling fish. Eric's starting him early!

Grandma brought him a tent and Ethan loves to play in it! He figured out how to tip it over while he's inside it, and that keeps him entertained for a long time.
One of the first times he walked in it he didn't quite get the fact that he had to bend down to walk through the entrance :)

While my mom was here we went on a scenic drive of Idaho. I know that sounds thrilling, but it was actually fun even though it was a little cold. Our first stop was the sand dunes:

Climbing up after Eric talked him into going down
Building a sandcastle...sortof
Face plant! Ethan got a whole mouth- and face-full of sand when he ran down the side too fast! Eric couldn't help pulling the face too with how gross it looked in Ethan's mouth!

Next stop was Mesa Falls

There was still lots of snow there and mom had a fun time traversing it
Ethan conked out on the way home

Ethan got a new rubber duck for Easter and Eric showed him how to squirt himself in the face with it :)
We must be wearing him out because this is how we found him in the middle of lunch today! Haha he's flat on his face and glasses, that does not look comfortable!