Friday, August 21, 2009

4 Months!

I seriously cannot believe Chase is 4 months old this week! Didn't I just come home from the hospital with him last week? So much has happened since he was born and we've been so busy that its just been a blur. But that doesn't mean I haven't made time to enjoy my sweet baby, he is such a good little man and always so happy! He is such a joy to have in the family, and Ethan enjoys his brother as well!

He had his 4 month check-up yesterday and here are his stats:
Height- 27.5 in (greater than 97th percentile)
Weight- 16 lb 3 oz (75th percentile)
Head size- 40 cm (50th percentile)

Ethan was 18 lbs at a year, Chase is so much bigger than he was at this age and he goes through clothes a lot faster! I'm sure it won't be too long before they are sharing clothes.
In honor of his 4 month birthday, we decided to try him on some rice cereal. Success!! He loved it! Ethan was never a fan so this is a good change.

Every time Chase wakes up Ethan asks to get in the crib with him and they lay and laugh at each other for a few minutes. Both like to such on their fingers :)
I'm so lucky to have 2 (well, 3) boys!


Amanda, Brian and Katherine said...

he weighs the same as katherine :)

Amy said...

What a little chunk! He definitely weighs more than teeny little Mya. Cute pics!

Mike and Emily said...

he is so cute. i cannot believe he and dawson are so old already! its insane!!