Friday, August 28, 2009

Some of Eric's Thoughts

Let me explain a little something. First off, I have tried to stay out of politics for the last few years because it did nothing but upset me and I really didn't feel like I could do anything to make a difference. With that said, I begrudgingly starting researching about health care because it impacts me directly as I want to become a doctor. I started my research by questioning first hand the Doctors and Surgeons in the Operating Room at Alaska Regional Hospital where I work. The question I asked the docs was, "What would health care reform (like it reads now) do to you?" In EVERY case the doctors have told me it would damage or ruin health care as we know it. Most expect their average yearly income to be cut in half due to reduced compensation for procedures. Tell me how a doctor who has spent his life 10 years plus....studying and working to practice medicine is supposed to get by on half of what he make now and still owes on average $150,000 in medical school loans. I will take a break here so you can listen to one of my favorite messages about health care the video below.

After watching that....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'll let you decide if that sounds like the direction we want our county heading in.

To change the tune just a little bit. Medicare was started in 1965 and was allotted a budget of 50 million dollars. Not 45 years later Medicare now has a budget of 400 billion dollars. Do YOU want to do the math? This is how the government runs programs. Tell me how the government will run a health care "option" any better that this? In the Canadian province of British Columbia their public health program which provides health care for all of its citizens now consumes 2/3 of their federal budget. It started out cheaper....but bureaucrats can't run businesses. One final example of how awesomely big this proposal is can be seen in the UK. The three largest employers in the WORLD are 1st the Red Army in China (3 million employed), 2nd the Indian Railway (1.4 million workers), and 3rd UK's pubic health care system in which 2 out 3 are administrators. Tell me how efficient and cost reducing that system as to be.

Anyway, if you feel strongly about this do or call a senator or representative... I have... tell a friend some fact that is outrageous. Or if nothing else just become a little more informed so you are not surprised when things like this start happening. Comment if you want more information or if you have some info of your own. Things could be changed but change the things that will actually make a difference. Tort reform would save billions and lower insurance premiums. Preventative care is the GRAND KEY to cutting health care costs. At Alaska Regional Hospital we do 20-50 surgical cases daily. From my point of view it is obvious to see that the great majority of the patients we treat are obese. It just causes problems. Joints wear out, hearts wear out, they are not healthy. These are things that would change health care and reform it into something I could one day be proud to be a part of.


Igor said...

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Is this really health care "reform"?

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

Thanks for writting that Eric. I have felt pretty strongly against the new Health Care, but I have been trying to do reasearch just to make sure I am making the right decision. I feel the same way you do. I wish there was more I could do. If they want the help health costs, I think the government should cut the hospitals/doc taxes or help doctor with malpractise law suits.. making it harder for some dumb shmoe sueing a doc for something that wasn't his problem.