Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Family Foto Frenzy

Jayme was kind enough to take an hour out of her wedding preparations to take some family pictures for us this week. Well, its not as easy as it would seem. Or maybe it doesn't seem easy to get a toddler and a baby to be good and look at the camera for an hour but I was trying to convince myself otherwise. So I think we ended up with about 3 pictures total where we are all looking, and then a bunch of cute ones that I wouldn't have printed but are fun to look at. Then just a few funny ones. Hope you enjoy them!

This is one of the only ones where we are all looking, including Chase.

Sad faces
We love Ethan!

Chase decided to smile for once! Not so good of the rest of us, but he's so cute!
Eric trying to keep Chase awake :) He was pretty tired

Towards the end Ethan would run to Jayme and then run back at us, sit still for a minute, and repeat.
Which ones do you like?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE them all. We miss you guys SO much. I like the last one that's really candid of you guys and then Ethan's head is like RIGHT THERE, awesome!

Kristen Moss said...

So Cute.
You look great.
I like the first one deffinitly.
I really like the one of ethan leaning on erics shoulder.

I cannot beleive how big ethan is. He is so cute and such a big boy. I like the one where ethan is running back to you guys. Oh and I really like the one on the bridge.

Fun stuff.

Katie said...

Such cute pictures! Your family is adorable. I really like the last picture as well.

Love, love LOVE Your new blog header. It is awesome!

Em and Bart said...

What a GOOD looking family! You guys all look great, I love the pictures!

The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan said...

I miss you! What a cute family! Hey we did pictures at the same time! :) Wish you were close- I would give that cute Ethan a big squeeze! Hope life is being good to you- I think of you often!

Amy said...

Such cute pictures! You look so good, Jessica. What a cute little family!