Monday, February 15, 2010

Knock 'em Down!

Every time the ball hit the pins on his turn, Ethan would yell "Knock 'em down!"
They didn't have a ramp for Ethan to roll the ball down, so we had to help him push it. Let's just say next time we'll make sure to go to a place with a ramp.
Eric showing off his mad skills

My mom is out of town so we took pity on my dad and brought him along. He was a great help with the kids and I hope he had some fun too!

The music was a little too loud for Ethan's taste.

Aren't kids bowling shoes so tiny and cute? I forgot they come with Velcro :)
Yes, it's sad but true. Ethan, with bumpers but without a ramp, beat everyone but Eric. And even that was close. We'll blame it on the 2 little distractions we had with us (Chase was there too although didn't seem to show up in any pictures) :)