Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time with Ethan

Tonight after I put Chase to bed and Eric left early for work, Ethan and I had a few rare minutes to hang out together, just the 2 of us, where I didn't felt like I had to be doing fifty other things. I love that little boy so much, he amazes me everyday with the things he comes up with and what he is able to do, I am still awestruck by how fast kids grow and learn. With Ethan's humble beginning and bleak outlook on his life and abilities, I am always silently thrilled when I find he has learned new phrases on his own, copied an action he wasn't able to copy before, or demand he do something by himself even when he knows he'll need some help. He struggles everyday to do what is normal for other kids his age, and works so hard to accomplish what he wants. He doesn't know he's any different, or that things are harder for him, so I try to treat him that way. He is occasionally stubborn, belligerent, and ornery, but he has the biggest heart and mostly wants to express his love for others and his enthusiasm for life.
Ethan's therapists help me understand and celebrate every triumph, every step toward him being able to live a normal life, and I'm so grateful for their expertise and guidance. They also put into perspective that Ethan is very high functioning, and to an outsider he may not seem to have any usual struggles. I know that this is because of a loving Heavenly Father who loves him and us very much. I know that Ethan will continue to grow and improve and impress everyone with everything he can do, and I need to not take the time we have together for granted. Tonight we just played Memory, but it's a memory I'll not forget soon and try to repeat as often as I can.


Amanda said...

It's been so amazing to watch Ethan's progress. Your family has been truly blessed. And isn't it fun to play games and really interact with Ethan? I think Evie gets more fun with each new stage.

And we should get together again soon. I'm sure there are plenty of windows at our house for Ethan to clean while Evie supervises.

Kristen Moss said...

So wonderful. I am so happy for you guys and impressed by all that you have done. I think he is fantastic and that you are doing a wonderful job with him. You must be doing somthing right as a parent to make him so great. Things will be wonderful for you all.

Kristen Moss said...

Ps I love that you wrote this... I think you will love to read that later.

The Curtis Family said...

Love you Jess. Love that little guy so much too. Thanks for writing this.

Auntie Kate :)